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(SAN DIEGO, CA, January 23, 2023) – Dr. Christopher Romig has been named clinical network director at TARA Mind, a platform that provides responsible, safe, and effective access to psychedelic therapy providers and resources. Romig, partner and medical director at Ark Integrative Medicine and Therapeutics, a principal investment of TAP Financial Partners, Ltd., is a pioneer in the use of ketamine therapy for individuals coping with a variety of mental health, chronic pain, and addiction issues.

TARA Mind was co-founded by Marcus Capone, a former Navy SEAL that also leads the nonprofit VETS: Veterans Exploring Treatment Options. Romig’s role with the company will involve vetting clinics in the U.S. that provide psychedelic-assisted therapy to ensure they meet TARA Mind’s standards for care.

“Our goal with TARA Mind is to help them create gold standards that veterans looking to psychedelics and psychotherapycan trust to overcome mental health issues,” said Romig, a fellowship-trained anesthesiologist. “We’re also hoping to release a comprehensive study in the time to come that further quantifies the positive impact of these alternative treatments.”

Dr. Romig, a graduate of Duke and Emory universities, and Ark have done more than 5,000 ketamine infusions since 2016, incorporating it into an overall wellness plan to make lasting changes in the lives of patients that have been resistant to more traditional medical treatment regimens. His patients have seen as much as 75% improvement in baseline scoring of symptoms for depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Romig tailors his therapy to the specific needs of his patients, with up to six infusions of ketamine-based medication given in a two-week period and additional boosters sometimes required. Individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, bi-polar disorder, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, alcohol, and drug addiction have all been helped through this approach.

TAP, as a founding investor in Ark, have aligned their interests with Dr. Romig and will soon be announcing the opening  of a clinic in Tampa, with expansion to London also part of its strategic plan.

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