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What is Uplisting?

For companies currently listed on a junior or non-U.S. exchange, the benefits of medium size business uplisting to a more senior exchange (NYSE or Nasdaq) can be significant: improved access to capital and increased liquidity, exposure, and credibility. In some cases, listing on an American exchange or cross listing from Canada, the UK, Germany, or Australia can be the game-changer businesses at critical stages of development are seeking.

Guidance You Can Trust

Like sherpas whose knowledge of the local landscape benefits even the most experienced mountain climbers, TAP List’s professionals can guide your business throughout what can be a complex process. As advisors, catalysts, and the glue between people, processes, and capital, we develop plans, make connections, and navigate the process of governance and regulatory filings to develop and execute a customized “List-Up” medium size business uplisting solution that includes:

  • Assessing the public offering relative to other capital raising alternatives
  • Identifying listing alternatives
  • Apprising trends and factors influencing public offerings and capital markets
  • Analyzing comparable company listings
  • Assisting with due diligence & marketing
  • Assessing company value/evaluation and attractiveness of investment
  • Filing of listing applications and supporting materials
  • Advising regarding banker selection and syndicate composition
  • Introducing transfer agents and exchange personnel
  • Coordinating with all parties throughout the process

If you’ve got questions, our TAP List professionals have got answers to determine if uplisting is the appropriate next step.

Did You Know?: Corporate governance, which stock exchanges require their listed companies to comply with, is a system of rules, policies, and practices (focused on transparency, accountability, and security) that balance the interests of a company’s many stakeholders and the community.

Fact: While the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ are two of the more commonly known, there are actually 16 stock exchanges in the world that have a market capitalization of more than $1 trillion each.


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