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TAP Financial Partners, Ltd.’s Restructuring Resources Group works in operational turnarounds for distressed businesses and has released a complimentary ebook for business leaders who want to make a change. This ebook will walk you through the issues that come with corporate restructuring and what your company can do to stay afloat in today’s competitive business environment.

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More about the ebook:

Whose job is it to lead a company’s change management efforts and what would restructuring look like for your business? 

​​It’s often necessary to bring in a temporary consultant to carry out the steps necessary for change and ensure key performers stay focused on their given tasks. This effort takes preparation, objectivity, decisiveness, and a willingness to adapt to changing circumstances.

The purpose of this ebook is to share knowledge gained from our collective years in finance that will enable the small and medium-sized businesses to recognize issues before they become critical, implement necessary actions, and ultimately thrive.