(SCOTTSDALE, AZ, January 10, 2024) — Desert Rotor, a U.S.-based designer and manufacturer of ground control systems (GCS) for unmanned vehicles, has announced its next product launch. The FENNEC XS handheld controller will debut in the second quarter of 2024, with immediate availability at that time.

Desert Rotor designed the newest product to meet what it sees as a surging demand for U.S.-made, versatile, and cost-effective ground control equipment. “FENNEC XS promises unparalleled interoperability that caters to the rigorous requirements of commercial, defense, and military unmanned applications,” said Debin Ray, co-founder and CEO of Desert Rotor. “It’s an innovation that leverages our expertise to deliver excellence in a constantly evolving industry.”

When it debuts in April, FENNEC XS will be the third new controller (MIRA X and COMMAND XD are the others) Scottsdale, AZ-based Desert Rotor will have recently brought to market for handheld, laptop, and desktop GCS use. The product launches are part of a larger growth agenda TAP Financial Partners, a Miami-based merchant bank, is assisting Desert Rotor with as its corporate and investment banking advisor.

“Desert Rotor is one of the most trusted names in ground control systems and we expect these new form factors to further solidify their position as industry leaders,” said Bob Press, founder of TAP Financial Partners,. “Engaging TAP and having access to our resources enables them to add infrastructure, expand capabilities, and scale services.”

Ray says it’s his goal for Desert Rotor to redefine the landscape for unmanned operations across land, sea, and air to provide a competitive edge for organizations. All three of the new products feature a SmartView software & hardware interface, ensuring a streamlined and universal connection with virtually any unmanned vehicle design. The interface enhances user experience, allowing operators to focus on mission-critical tasks with ease.

The U.S. Department of Defense, Air Force, Army, and Navy are just a few of the organizations that have utilized Desert Rotor products.

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About: Desert Rotor

Desert Rotor (www.desertrotor.com) is a pioneer in Ground Control Systems (GCS), committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and setting new standards in the unmanned aerospace/defense industry. With a legacy of innovation, Desert Rotor continues to be the go-to choice for professionals seeking top-tier unmanned command and control solutions.

About: TAP Financial Partners

TAP Financial Partners is a privately-held, boutique merchant bank providing advisory, restructuring, debt and equity fundraising services, fulfillment, and up-listing advice to a select group of small and mid-sized enterprises. Its financial expertise and decades of collective experience position it to be a difference-maker for clients, no matter the assignment or mandate.

To learn more about services and impact, connect at www.tap-partners.com or info@tap-partners.com.

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