(LONDON, UK & New York, USA; March 1, 2021) – TAP Financial Partners (TAP), a London-based boutique merchant bank, has been retained by Interconnect Media Network Systems (IMNS) as its exclusive financial advisor and primary investment banking relationship. TAP will provide Virginia-based IMNS the expertise and tools to implement a strategic plan that will increase opportunities and efficiencies for the company’s Internet publishing and broadcast platform.

Under the terms of the agreement, TAP will perform a comprehensive evaluation of the IMNS business model and outline a recommended path forward, given current opportunities and challenges within the technology marketplace. Additionally, TAP will provide access to growth capital, position the company to attract and secure additional investor dollars, and standardize accounting practices.

“We believe in the potential of IMNS and are committed to a roll-up-the-sleeves approach that helps them maximize who and what they are,” said Al Razavi, a TAP Financial Partners managing partner. “Their unique streaming options and software are perfect for both consumer and business audiences that want an integrated platform that delivers user-friendly technology across many applications.”

IMNS, through its main offering, SimulTV, combines Internet-based experiences that include streaming movies, video conferencing, a cross-platform TV option, social networking, search capabilities, online marketplace, and a purchasing/payment system, all while using up to 60% less bandwidth than competitors.

“Our video, audio, and text chat options, combined with social media integration, connect friends and family while creating a social viewer experience on any web-enabled device,” said Steven Turner, CEO of Interconnect Media Network Systems. “We’re confident in our value proposition and that including TAP in our efforts will propel us to levels we believe we can and should attain.”

TAP Financial Partners is a privately-held, boutique merchant bank providing advisory, restructuring, debt and equity fundraising services, fulfillment, and exchange listing advice to a highly selective group of small and mid-sized enterprises. It’s financial expertise and decades of collective experience position it to be a difference-maker for clients, no matter the assignment or mandate. To learn more about services and impact, connect at www.tap-partners.com or info@tappartners.com.

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