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The most underserved segment of the business population are small to mid-sized businesses. While businesses in the United States comprise a vast range of sizes, they all have similar problems. The challenges that they face throughout their growth and evolution are the same at every point in time in terms of capital needs, human resource needs, customer needs, etc.

At some point in time, every entrepreneur you talk to says they would like more capital. While this solves many problems, it can sometimes cover up other structural issues that exist outside of capital needs. Sound business plans, operating principles, management teams, and a path for growth are all necessary as well. Capital is the secret sauce, however; if you don’t have the other elements, you only have got the condiment and not the meal.

TAP’s services encompass many things due to the fact that business problems and business solutions are no longer monolithic. The direction in which the financial services business has moved really does not pay enough attention to the needs of small businesses. Instead of using the mainstream methodology, TAP decided to take a merchant banking approach, which goes back hundreds of years. We identify the problems and the challenges that our clients face and work backwards to figure out their solutions rather than taking a “one size fits all” approach.

Without a doubt, anyone building a business in today’s environment faces unique challenges. We believe the partners at TAP represent a diversity of interests and backgrounds to bring together experience sets that maximize an entrepreneur’s goals.

We work to leverage our human and monetary capital, resources, and contacts to bridge economies, industries, and deals that provide TAP clients what they need to reach higher levels. Explore TAP Financial Partners offerings throughout our website and contact us to see how the TAP team can empower your small business today.


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