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How to Make Email Marketing Work For You

Email campaigns that promote an organization’s products or services are relatively inexpensive and enable businesses to reach large numbers of potential customers, and those aren’t the only benefits. You can tailor individual messages to segmented audiences, grouping contacts based on demographics, company, relationship to your business, etc. to maximize impact.

If you use an email software tool like MailChimp or Constant Contact, you’ll have access to data that can help you determine what types of emails your target audience engages with most.

Stuck for where to start? Here are a few themes that may work for your business:

  1. Send a welcome note to new subscribers
  2. Create a campaign to promote a new product or service
  3. Use an automation tool to create ongoing campaigns
  4. Offer discounts or special offers
  5. Create an e-newsletter with your company’s latest news and updates

Deciding on the theme, however, is just the beginning, with ROI ultimately determined by how well you connect with target audiences. To get your message read by the largest number of people, it’s important to:

  • Create a compelling subject line, since it’s the first thing your customers will see and needs to be catchy enough to motivate them to open
  • Include an attractive call-to-action button (examples: “Contact Us Today” or “Find Out More”) to give your customer an explicit action to carry out
  • Personalize your emails to stand out from other brands and establish trust with your subscribers. Address them by name and send targeted notes based on their specific interests
  • Incentivize interaction by making sure to include a reason they should open your email, like an exclusive deal or announcement
  • Break out A/B testing by trying out different versions of your email to find what works best with your audience(s).

Email can help strengthen relationships with customers and make correspondence into a personalized marketing experience, but it’s important to focus on what’s important. It’s why the experts at TAP Advise are here to give you individual guidance. Learn more here about the many ways we can help grow your small business.


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