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(MIAMI, Fla., March 9, 2023) — Advanced Medical Device Technologies, Inc. (AMDT), a Newport Beach, California-based company that re-imagines critical medical devices by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, has completed a round of financing through TAP IDEA and Donald Securities. The multimillion-dollar equity raise enables the company to commercialize its Advanced Fluid Warming device, which accurately controls the temperature variation of fluids being infused into a body completely contamination free.

TAP IDEA is a capital-raising platform affiliated with TAP Financial Partners in collaboration with Donald Securities. It provides access to advisory services, bridge loans, sophisticated crowd-funding, and a network of individual and corporate investors interested in funding small and medium-sized businesses. TAP’s financial professionals worked with Advanced Medical’s C-level executives to review opportunities, provide strategic counsel, and ultimately facilitate the private placement of capital that best met the company’s needs.

“We’re now able to complete the FDA Premarket Notification, also known as 510(k), for what we believe to be a significant advancement for healthcare providers,” said Ronald Buschur, chairman and CEO of Advanced Medical Device Technologies, Inc. “Taking our fluid warming device into the commercial stage gives us access to a $100 billion global marketplace.”

TAP’s IDEA (Investor Direct Equity Access) provides qualified companies within its ecosystem the opportunity to secure capital raises through its sophisticated investor network. “We’ve combined the resources of an investment bank, the capabilities of crowdsourcing, and a vast network of registered, accredited investors that will enable small and mid-sized businesses to advance their growth agendas,” said Al Razavi, a managing partner of TAP IDEA, LLC. “It’s the edge venture capital firms bring to larger companies at a fraction of the cost.”

Advanced Medical Device Technologies, Inc. is a privately-held, Delaware corporation, located in Newport Beach, California. AMDT’s devices and technology are designed for use in healthcare and other vertical markets.

More information can be found at https://www.AdvancedMDT.com.

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