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Small Business Innovation is Propelling the Aerospace Industry to New Heights

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Author: Bob Press (TAP Financial Partners)

While there are many players within the aerospace industry, most have one objective in mind: to take people and vehicles beyond the earth’s atmosphere. But while some are focused on the moon and Mars, others, often the smaller players, have found their niche leveraging technology and using images and information gained from orbiting satellites to have a significant impact closer to home:

  • LeoLabs – Co-founded by a former NASA astronaut, this company detects space junk in the Lower Earth Orbit, an area 62 to 1,200 miles above the surface of the planet where thousands of satellites operate. Its Collision Avoidance Service alerts customers when their satellites are in the direct path of another object.
  • Orbital Insight – This Palo Alto, CA-based company uses satellite imagery to help businesses maximize their industrial supply chains by gaining more transparency and visibility into human behavior. Its technology can be used by a variety of industries, including energy, industrial, law enforcement, consumer goods, defense, real estate, and intelligence.
  • Astroscale – A Japanese startup, Astroscale, is focused on sustainability in space, aiming to clean up space debris from orbit, including defunct satellites and unexpected garbage. This venture-backed company has a presence in several countries worldwide.
  • Planet – With more than 200 Earth-imaging satellites in orbit, Planet is able to provide its customers – including businesses, journalists, researchers, agriculturists, and governments – satellite imagery that leads to data-driven decision-making. Many of its clients are promoting sustainable practices on Earth.
  • Slingshot Aerospace — Founded by two U.S. Air Force veterans, Slingshot offers situational training to customers like the U.S. Air Force, NASA, and Boeing. It also has a collision avoidance platform to help satellites avoid crashing into space debris, promoting sustainability while in orbit.

There are many opportunities for companies in the aerospace industry, but it takes an advisor with specific experience, and the access to capital, to help companies get their share.

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