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The Changing Landscape of Government Regulations

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The new administration has ushered back in a new role of government involvement in business not seen in fifty years. How do government regulations permeate different aspects of your business and industry? Tax changes? Competitive changes?

While the Congress remains essentially deadlocked, the presidency retains a plethora of discretionary administrative powers, as was demonstrated during the previous administration. In addition, there are 443 government agencies listed on USA.gov.[1]  These agencies now make more laws than the US Congress. Further, the new administration is ushering in big government in a way not seen in 50+ years, and we are likely to see a reinvigoration of agencies driven by a new agenda. Therefore, SME’s should be well prepared.

However, navigating a small business through troubled waters during these turbulent times can be challenging. It is not easy to keep up with all the new rules and regulations coming out of Federal agencies, let along state and municipal regulations. Add to that the constantly changing recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control as the medical community reacts to changes and variants in the COVID virus. Further, consumers have widely divergent views on their own, all of whom must be accommodated.

Fortunately, SME’s have an ally in their never-ending chore of not only keeping up with the competition but keeping ahead of the competition. TAP has dedicated analysts, legal and medical advisors studying this changing landscape day in and day out which we provide through our service offerings in TAP Advise. It is difficult if not impossible for an SME to afford this level of expertise on their own. However, with TAP’s shared resources, expert advice is available at the TAP of a few buttons on your smart phone or computer. Hours or days of research can be available to you at a moment’s notice. And if we do not already know the answer to your questions, we have an extensive rolodex of over 10,000 experts in almost every field available to us to help you. To learn more about how TAP can assist your business is navigating the uncertain landscape of government regulations, please reach out to us here.


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