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It always seems like you need another (or two or three) pair of hands as you grow. Question is who? When? How many and can I afford them?

No matter how great your products and/or services might be, your business may only be as adequate as the people behind it. Hiring exceptional team members is essential for company success, especially for small to medium enterprises. As market demand rises and as competition grows, the right team is instrumental in reaching a company’s mission and goals over the long-term.

Crucial hires, such as the C-suite members, can make or break your growing business. You need to plan for the organizational structure you want to build into and recognize both the “who” and the “when” to begin looking and hiring these top-level folks. The simple answer is generally, before you want to and before you think you can probably afford them. The not so simple answer, it is not that easy to know the “when” and certainly the “who”.  While you are the captain of your ship, as the ship moves and grows it needs other, capable hands.  Some functions (marketing and finance to name two) are critical in most businesses, and you need people with skills and personalities that dovetail your own, but of course you have to be able to afford them. In some instances, the value these individuals might add is so large that your cant affords not to fill these roles.

An constructive analysis on critical hiring timing and process is done by TAP under it’s TAP-ADVISE umbrella of services. Not only can TAP help you to identify which areas you may want to focus your hiring efforts but TAP also has a vast network of professionals which we can utilize to help you execute on your hiring goals. Additionally, in many cases TAP can act as a fractional party to fill certain roles, such as CFO, to provide you a high level of competency at a fraction of the cost of a full-time individual filling such a role. To learn more about how TAP can help you plan and implement a strategy to grow your team to run as systemically and efficiently as possible, please reach out to us here.


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