Author: Sir Anthony Ritossa (Ritossa Family Office)

While each family office approaches investing in its own, unique way and, therefore, has its own investment preferences, we’ve noticed some commonality among attendees at our Ritossa Family Office Summits when the conversation turns to current investment trends:

  • Impact Investing Makes a Difference – Family offices today prioritize the importance of investing responsibly and sustainably. Impact is more important than ever since new generations of family leadership are hyper-conscious consumers who believe in the importance of standing up for what they believe in. They are eager to support companies and brands that promote meaning, essence, and values over wealth and money. As NextGen family members increasingly have influence in family office decision making, we’re seeing impact investing rise in popularity.
  • Talented Entrepreneurs Attract Positive Attention – As family offices increase investments in small and medium-sized entrepreneurial ventures, it’s clear that their focus is about people and teams. Investing is deeply personal and family offices want to invest in and partner with those they respect and admire. A talented board of advisors is also helpful and by studying the success of peers and competitors, companies learn a good deal. Additionally, these business leaders should have contingencies in place, be agile, insist on governance and discipline, and be humble custodians of the responsibility they have at the helm of the company.
  • Asset Classes That Shape the Future – There is no shortage of amazing investment ideas presented at our family office summits that focus on fintech, technology, AI and machine learning, bitcoin and digital assets, biotech, healthcare and medicine, online education and shopping, alternative energy, food safety, venture capital, real estate and infrastructure, arts and culture, private debt, and many more. But I find that family offices often have an investment mandate that ties back to the quest for a lasting legacy. So, if you are the one looking for investment, it’s best to connect your opportunity, whenever possible, to families that share the same over-arching goals.

In summary, family offices are comprised of great minds with varying investment preferences. Their ‘big picture’ common thread is a commitment to making a difference in society while preserving and growing family wealth for future generations.


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