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Author: Alyce Schreiber (TAP Financial Partners)

You’ve reached a senior position in the company and are an important part of the business moving forward, but are your communication skills, and those of others in the C-suite, working for or against your success?

This goes well beyond the basic back and forth conversations that are part of everyone’s day. We’re talking about learning to use all the weapons in the communicator’s arsenal to improve internal thought processes and overcome obstacles (real or imagined) that may be keeping an individual from reaching their full potential. Communications that can improve workflow, facilitate transactions, and inspire/motivate/persuade others to better understand a company’s value proposition.

This can all be accomplished through corporate coaching, which involves an experienced third-party evaluating how executives and the companies they lead communicate with target audiences and providing big picture recommendations that can improve internal and external relations. On an individual level, coaching uncovers what may be holding a person back, removes self-imposed limitations, and shifts perspective to maximize what can be accomplished. It aligns personal and corporate values, improves focus, and removes extraneous thoughts that interfere with what’s most important.

During individual and team sessions, coaches facilitate conversations about issues of importance to uncover central themes, formulate actionable steps to overcome challenges, and establish processes to keep participants accountable.

The impact of this style of communications coaching on business operations can be seen in a variety of areas, including:

  • Clarification of short and long-term goals and strategies
  • Refinement of leadership skills
  • Development of an enhanced corporate culture
  • Optimization of individual and team performance

These sorts of improvements directly impact decision-making and can be the impetus for an individual and company to ascend to its next level of potential. If you think this approach may be right for you – as it was for executives at Apple, Google, Home Depot, and other top companies – be in touch at info@tap-advisory.com to learn more and access that part of the TAP ecosystem.


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