Author: Kevin Vinitsky (Iron Oak Defense)

Navigating the digital space for your company may sometimes seem like being lost at sea, but it doesn’t have to be. Smart captains just need to choose, implement, and protect the right technology to ensure smooth sailing.

Begin by selecting Microsoft or Google for email and document storage. If the former, leverage Microsoft Teams software and utilize the Microsoft 365 suite of apps. Services like Power Apps help build out custom mobile apps that will enable your team to work harmoniously.

Next, layer a proper security system, ProofPoint and Mimecast are good ones, to protect email. Add backup and continuity so you can’t be held hostage by ransomware demands and can maintain operations even if/when hacked. Overlook these important details at your own risk – companies have lost everything in less time than it took you to read this sentence.

Lastly, stay vigilant in the battle against email fishing and hacking. In this space, an ounce of prevention is very definitely worth a pound of cure.

There are many cloud-based and digital workspace solutions to consider and consultants with vision and experience can help determine the path that’s best for your business to take.


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